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安倍退陣記事への英語コメント !?



Nobody seems heartbroken to see the back of Mr. Abe, to put it mildly. If I had understood it correctly, these are mainly for 3 reasons:


1. Abe san fawned deeply humiliatingly to curry favour with a foreign leader and, worse, a ridiculous and universally despised foreign leader, namely Mr. Trump. That wasn't good. Worse, it didn't even work. 



2. His handling of the CV-19 crisis makes Boris Johnson seem positively resolute by comparison. Abe has basically dithered himself into a ditch with ever-changing quarantines, lockdowns and and social-distancing rules. 



3. But first and foremost, Japan has the developed world's worst record in equality between the sexes, and half of Japan's population, the female one, finds itself under constant discrimination, sexual harassment and powerless to fully participate in what is still basically a 19th century patriarchy based on patronage, corruption and nepotism. As Mr. Abe, himself the son of a former PM, is very much himself living proof of.



In short, Japan is in dire need of a huge shake-up. This great country is slowly dying, and its long-suffering population deserves a far, far better leadership than Mr. Abe and his cronies have forced upon them for the past 50 years.