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>The supreme ruler of the Japanese Empire was Emperor Hirohito. And Hideki Tojo is only a subordinate of Hirohito. All war crimes in the Japanese Empire were committed with the Emperor's acquiescence. The Japanese Empire started wars like today's Russia, and the lives of many innocent people were absorbed into the war. After the war, Emperor Hirohito was spared punishment in the interests of the United States, which was trying to prevent the Soviet Union from advancing southward. And now Japan is governed by the descendants of Hirohito. Therefore, unlike present-day Germans who criticize Hitler and the Nazis severely, Japanese who regard the Emperor as sacred do not criticize Emperor Hirohito. Rather, many Japanese are taking his side and denying the facts of war crimes committed by the Japanese Empire.




Fair comparison. Imperial Japan committed genocide all over Asia.


>Finally Ukraine did something right 😂


Jerry Lin
The people in German and Italy didn’t say anything about that picture

Jerry Lin
Jerry Lin
9 hours ago
The people in German and Italy didn’t say anything about that picture


Cowok Nyebelin
😂😂😂 JAPAN can manipulate the world history in their curriculum, but cannot lie to the World